n 2009, the establishment of the second company - Thang Long Steel Trading and Production Joint Stock Company was born with Thang Long DST steel pipe products in Son Tay town, Hanoi city with an area of 20,000 m2, capacity 60,000 tons / year.


MST: 0103723515

Address: Phu Thinh Branch, Phu Thinh Ward, Son Tay Town, Hanoi City

ĐT: 024.33618858/ 024.33618898/ 024.39926859

Mail: thepthanglong@gmail.com

Products: Steel box pipes, steel purlin, steel of all kinds, construction steel of all kinds


* Customers are important partners

                             * People are the foundation of sustainability

                                  * Product and service quality is the key

                                      * The core of corporate culture is the factor that makes a difference    


We wish to: develop the company, develop ourselves, enrich the company, enrich ourselves, contribute to society, build a strong and prosperous Vietnam through products and services issued to customers. We believe in working hard, being responsible for the profession, meeting all services in the field of operations of the company in order to bring efficiency to customers and to society.

"Solidarity - Innovation - Success"

Organizational chart


Total number of employees: 100 people

- Engineers: 10 people

- Bachelor's degree: 11 people

- College: 12 people

- Intermediate: 12 people

- Technical workers, unskilled workers: 55 people

Production process



1. Drain coil (galvanized steel coil).

2. The slitting line cuts the steel tape according to the order size.

3. Inventory roll income (Weighing, team marks, saving in the software).


4. Steel tape.

5. Forming line (profiling lines to form tubes according to orders).

6. A batch mold system shapes and formats sizes according to set sizes and specifications.

7. Laser head prints information about the manufacturer, size, date and time of manufacture.

8. The continuous cutting system automatically receives control commands to cut the correct length.

9. Checking product quality.


10. Packing, weighing, checking team marks according to standards.

11. The batches of pharmaceutical products are arranged and classified in the right areas.

IMAGE Thang Long Company DST
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