In 2017, developing a third steel pipe factory in Bac Giang province under the trademark of Cuong Phat DST steel pipe with an area of ​​25,000 m2, capacity of 120,000 tons / year, bringing the total capacity of the Group to nearly 200,000 tons. /year.

Tax code: 2400885431

Address: Hoang Mai Industrial Cluster, Town Nenh, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province


Phone: 0979 618989


During the development process, Cuong Phat DST Steel Co., Ltd always clearly defined the objectives:

- Building up the famous DST brand in the fields of production and business

- Always bring customers the best products and services

- Creating the Company's own corporate culture according to the following principles:

"Solidarity - Innovation - Success"


Total number of employees: 180 people

                                            - Engineers: 10 people

                                            - Skilled workers: 15 people

                                            - University: 30 people

                                            - Technical workers, unskilled workers: 125 people

Production process

1. Check the quality of input steel coil.

2. Discharge roll (cut edge, split roll).

3. Collecting rolls into warehouse (weighing scales, labeling team, saving in software).


4. Treating corrugated iron surface (with acid to remove the outer layer of iron oxide, the steel surface will be scrubbed clean).

5. Rolled warehouse inventory (weight, team marks, saved to the software).


6. Discharge coil (cleaned steel for rust removal).

7. Continuous cold rolling line (thick laminating according to specified standards).

8. Rolled warehouse inventory (weight, team marks, saved to the software).


9. Cold rolled steel is discharged and rolled into an annealing furnace (at high temperatures).
Air-cooled system.

10. Galvanizing tank (steel strip running continuously through the tank helps zinc to stick evenly on both surfaces).

11. Galvanized steel strip goes through air knife system and air cooling tower.

12. Chromate coating system (steel surface protection: keep brightness, gloss, mold resistance).
Collecting rolls into warehouse (weighing scales, labeling team, saving in software).


15. Drain coils (galvanized steel coils).

16. Strip cutting slitting line cuts steel tape to the size of the order.

17. Receiving rolls (weight, team, save in software).


18. Steel tape reel

19. Forming lines (continuous forming truss form to create custom-made tube format).

20. The batch system is shaped and sized according to the size and specification set.

21. The laser head prints information about the manufacturer, size, date and time of manufacture.

22. The continuous cutting system automatically receives control commands to cut the correct length.

23. Quality control of products.


24. Bundle, weigh, check the standard team.

25. The lots of pharmaceutical products are arranged and classified in the prescribed area.

IMAGE Cuong Phat Company DST
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