History begin

13/05/2020 - 02:15  

Khanh Hoa Construction and Services Joint Stock Company (former name: Khanh Hoa Steel Joint Stock Company) was formerly an individual business model from 1994 specializing in processing steel products, until 2001 into established Khanh Hoa Co., Ltd with the main business of manufacturing steel structures, shipbuilding, importing and exporting steel products …

Over 10 years of development and growth up to now, the Company has a certain position in society, DST brand products have a foothold in the market.

With the motto of constantly improving and meeting all the needs of customers, continuously improving the management – organization, renovating equipment and machinery for production, intensive training and retraining of specialized staff. In the professional field, the Company believes in achieving sustainable development and aiming to be a strong private economic group.

Khanh Hoa Construction and Services Joint Stock Company always considers building DST brand as a strong and reliable brand for all customers especially with main products such as: DST steel structure, DST steel pipe …

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